Private Coaching and Workshops


Lisa offers private coaching for individuals who want to refine their public speaking skills including; presentations, keynotes, debates and interview skills among other areas. The first session includes an evaluation of your strengths and areas in need of improvement. After a thorough evaluation we delve into a few areas of work to begin mastering your delivery, presence and impact. You will leave the first session with before and after recordings of your work. After the first session you will receive a proposal for further work outlining our goals, evaluation, proposed work to be done and expected outcomes.


This package is typically 6-10 sessions and based on the needs of the individual. Coaching can include public speaking, leadership, negotiations and accent reduction when applicable. The first session includes a thorough evaluation of all areas in need of addressing to give you the leadership qualities you are seeking. After the first session you will receive a proposal for further work outlining our goals, evaluation, proposed work to be done and expected outcomes.


Workshops are designed to fit the needs of your team. They range in length from three hours to full day experiences. Sessions start by focusing on enhancing the physicality of public speaking; posture, breath, vocal use, articulation, and body language. Once a stronger voice and presence is established we can focus on the “Art of Delivery” which includes how to influence listeners with carefully placed pauses and vocal modulation while fine-tuning non-verbal communication: use of silence, eye contact and gesturing to help lift your delivery from competent to master speaker. Workshops include group exercises and individual coaching. During the individual coaching we will address your work related communication which may include how to deliver a pitch, presentation or how to effectively navigate a press conference among other areas. Below are examples of available workshop themes.

Hitting your speech out of the park:

“It’s not about you, it’s about the ideas”

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to step into the spotlight. With razor like precision Lisa gives you the five key ingredients to being the most impactful speaker you can be.

What makes a great speaker great? How do we stand out in industries where everyone is competing for attention? This talk sheds light on why after hours of diligent preparation our speeches don’t live up to the potential we have to deliver in an impactful way. Discover why some of the greatest speakers including, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan had such great impact on their audiences. Find out how you can learn from these examples to uncover and build on your own authentic voice, gravitas and purpose.

We will explore:

  • The Power of Presence: what it means and how to use it.
  • Listening: your most underutilized tool
  • Physicality of great speakers
  • Removing your ego from your speech
  • How technology has changed the psychology of our audiences
  • The five qualities that all great speakers possess

For Women in Leadership

“Step Into the Spotlight”

The aim of this talk is to further empower already motivated women to step into the spotlight, speak from a place of strength and be heard.

Research suggests that women are often more successful as leaders in technology, finance and other industries. However, there is still work to do to remove gender bias and create equality in male dominated fields. This work starts with the individual.

Companies across the globe are turning their attention to empowering women leaders. With more and more women entering politics, the military and C-level positions the time is now to shed self imposed shackles and take our place as leaders. This fun, interactive talk includes enlightening research, videos and practical tools women can apply immediately to their personal and professional circumstances.

We will explore…

  • Imposter Syndrome. 80% of high achieving women have difficulty internalizing their successes, leading to what researchers call “imposter” or “fraud syndrome”
  • Authenticity. You do not have to be loud or impenetrable to be powerful.
  • Body Language. How to grab attention and hold attention without saying one word. How body language supports our message and influences listeners.
  • How to embrace progress not perfection and why.
  • 5 key things that all successful women do. 


Communication: Owning your ideas while acknowledging others

Being more productive and less stressed

This workshop is suitable for start-ups, high stress environments, and/or companies seeking to increase productivity and encourage a healthy company culture.

One of the most stressful things we encounter in the workplace is butting heads with team members. Often this is not about the work but rather our personal styles of communicating ideas.

Discover the common personality types in the workplace and how you can break through road blocks that stand in the way of effective communication. Armed with research from leading psychologists and human behavior experts Lisa teaches practical tools to build bridges, gain trust and confidence from your teams.

This is an engaging, educational experience that will help all of your team members become more effective communicators.

We will explore:

  • Group Dynamics: the archetypes and their needs
  • Cats and Dogs: how to communicate to your polar opposite
  • When someone else is speaking: listening to understand, not to interrupt
  • Individual coaching and group exercises
  • How to build on each other’s strengths


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